The technical documentation for Apache Celix resides in git.


An introduction to Apache Celix can found at Apache Celix - Introduction. This page documents how OSGi is adapted for C/C++, how the Java API is mapped to C and also gives an short introduction to services and bundles.

Building and Installing

How to build and install Apache Celix is documented at Building and Installing

Getting Started

A more in depth look at bundles and services (for C and C++) is given in Getting Started Guide.


OSGi is framework for modular software development and as result a lot of functionality Apache Celix offers in developed in OSGi bundles configured as CMake sub-projects. An overview of the available sub-projects and some info can be found at Subprojects.

CMake Commands

Apache Celix uses CMake as build tool. To support the notion of bundles and OSGi deployments (a selection of bundles combined with some configuration) some custom CMake commands are used. These custom commands are documented at CMake Commands.