Apache Celix is organized into several subprojects. The following subproject are currently available:

  • Dependency Manager - A component/dependency model for use through an API.
  • Device Access - An implementation of the OSGi Device Access specification adapted to C.
  • Examples - Several examples showing how the framework can be used.
  • Framework - An implementation of the OSGi Core specification adapted to C.
  • Hessian - A project for an implementation of the Hessian protocol in C.
  • Launcher - A launcher for starting the framework.
  • Log Service - An implementation of the OSGi Log Service adapated to C.
  • Log Writer - A simple log writer for use in combination with the Log Service.
  • Remote Service Admin - An implementation of the OSGi Remote Service Admin Service adapted to C.
  • Shell - A shell service that provides several commands to interact with a running framework.
  • Shell TUI - A textual interface to be able to use the Shell.
  • Utils - A library containing several lists/containers for use in the subprojects.