Apache Celix Launcher

The Launcher subproject contains a generic executable for launching the Framework. The Launcher reads a java properties based configuration file.

The following Framework properties are currently handled by the Launcher:

  • cosgi.auto.start.1 - Space delimited list of bundles to install and start when the Launcher/Framework is started. Note: Celix currently has no support for start levels, even though the "1" is meant for this.

The Launcher also passes the entire configuration to the Framework, this makes them available to the bundleContext_getProperty function.


To build the Launcher the CMake build option "BUILD_LAUNCHER" has to be enabled. Currently the Launcher subproject is enabled by default.


The Launcher depends on the following subprojects:

  • Framework
  • Utils

Also the following libraries are required for building and/or using the Launcher subproject:

  • Apache Portable Runtime (build and runtime)