Apache Celix Shell

The Shell subproject contains a set of commands and a shell to interact with the Framework and its registry. With several commando's it is possible to query the Framework registry and Log Service, inspect existing bundles/services, start/stop/update bundles and install/uninstall bundles.

The Shell does not provide a user interface, but only a service to interact with. This approach makes it possible to define multiple frontends, eg textual or graphical.

The Celix Shell follows the Apache Felix Shell implementation (not the Apache Felix Gogo shell).


To build the Shell the CMake build option "BUILD_SHELL" has to be enabled.


The Shell depends on the following subprojects:

  • Framework
  • Utils
  • Log Service

Also the following libraries are required for building and/or using the Shell subproject:

  • Apache Portable Runtime (build and runtime)
  • cURL (build and runtime)