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Submitting patches

Contributing with GitHub

Using the GitHub mirror is the simplest way to contribute to Apache Celix if you are not a member of the Celix Committers group.

First you must have an account created at GitHub to be able perform the next step. If you don’t, go ahead and create one just right now! Please remember to setup SSH keys and test them! You don’t have to use SSH Keys if you are using the HTTPS url. In this case git simply uses user/password authentication.

When ready go to and click Fork button in top right corner. This will fork the Apache Celix’ repository and will create your private (but public) repository with the source code.

Next step is to clone the original repo locally

git clone

This will be an origin, you cannot push changes to the origin but don’t worry, you will use your fork.

Now is time to add your fork as a remote

git remote add fork 

Right now you should have two remotes defined for the repo, origin and fork, use below command to confirm that

git remote -v 

Now you are ready to work with the Apache Celix’ code base. Start with switching to develop branch

git checkout develop

now is time to fetch any changes from remote repository

git fetch
git pull

you should create a branch to keep your changes and it must be done off the develop branch

git checkout -b my-branch

Do your changes and commit them to my-branch, when you’re done you can push the changes to GitHub, to your fork.

git push -u fork my-branch

If you still need to change something, please remember to commit and push changes, but this time you can use just

git push

as my-branch was already connected with the remote branch.

The final step is to open a Pull Request (short: PR) against the original Apache Celix repo. Go to the Apache Celix mirror, then to Pull request and hit New Pull Request button.

If not already selected, click on compare across forks. Right now you must select from the dropdowns on right your fork and branch to compare the differences with the Apache Celix’ develop branch.

Finally hit Create Pull Request button and you are done!

After your PR got accepted and merged you must clean up your local repo, please switch your current branch to develop

git checkout develop

and fetch updates from remote

git fetch -p
git pull

and now you can delete your local branch

git branch -d my-branch

and you are ready to start working on another feature/issue.


Celix uses Git so you must install a git client locally and then you can clone the Celix repository:

either using Apache GitBox

git clone    

or GitHub

git clone

and done!

Note: Remember that Apache Celix is following the GitFlow Workflow and the most recent work is on the `develop` branch.


If you are not a committer you can still clone the Gitbox repo but you won’t be able push to any changes to it. At that moment, it’s easier to use GitHub, as GitHub provides the functionality to handle Pull Requests.

git clone

For more info, read Contributing with GitHub on this page.

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