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Source code and builds

Celix source repository

Besides the archives offered on the download page, Celix uses a source code repository hosted on both Apache and GitHub environments for development. This repository is mirrored and is our one-and-only development repository.

With Git installed, obtaining a working copy of the Celix codebase is as simple as

> git clone

or from GitHub

> git clone

For more about using version control systems at Apache, see the ASF’s Source Code Repositories page.

Building and using Celix

How to build and use Celix is described within our ‘Docs’ section which can be found here for the latest release.

Website source repository

The website Celix provides - - is mostly written in Markdown and build using Hugo. The website source code repository can be obtained using

> git clone

or from GitHub

> git clone

Building the website

To generate the static website, execute hugo to generate and serve the website on localhost:1313.

During development, it may be useful to run an incremental build. For this to work, execute hugo server -D to continuously generate and serve the website on localhost:1313.

After making some changes and being ready to submit the work a pull request against the celix-site repository can be created. The celix-site repository has Netlify enabled meaning a bot will comment with a link to preview the actual site. For example the following pull request: Per pull request a preview will be generated so new contributors are able to preview the generated site very quickly and reviewing new contributions will therefore be easier as well.

After merging the change back to the master branch, Jenkins will be triggered for deploying the site to