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Mailing Lists

A mailing list is an electronic discussion forum that anyone can subscribe to. When someone sends an email message to the mailing list, a copy of that message is broadcast to everyone who is subscribed to that mailing list. Mailing lists are the primary means of communication for people working on Apache projects.


A message sent to a public mailing list cannot be unpublished. Although we might be able to modify our own mail archives, the message is mirrored to a lot of other archiving systems which we do not have under control. Therefore almost 100% of all delete requests are denied. Please make sure you do not send any potential sensitive information to the mailing list, including passwords, server names, ips and so on.


Name Subscribe Unsubscribe Description
celix-dev subscribe unsubscribe Contact other developers interested in expanding and improving Celix
celix-commits subscribe unsubscribe Receive notifications of changes to the Celix source code repository


You can read the Pony Mail archives if you are looking for older discussions. There are many other archives out there as well.