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Changes for 2.1.0

New Features:

CELIX-408: Adds support for generating runtime shell scripts so that multiple Celix containers and other executable can be run with a single command.
CELIX-418: Adds support for generating properties in the Celix container launcher.
CELIX-407: Adds support for serializers as a service for PubSub. This way PubSubAdmin are purely focused on transport techniques.
CELIX-401: Adds support for creating Celix docker images using a CMake function.
CELIX-397: Adds support for PubSub selection based on a match function. This way multiple PubSubAdmin can be active.
CELIX-389: Adds the PubSub implementation. A set of bundles which together operates as a service based publish subscribe technology agnostic abstraction.
CELIX-385: Adds etcdlib as library. This libray can be used to communicate with etcd using a C abstraction.
CELIX-370: Adds C++11 support by adding a C++ Dependency Manager library. This is moslty a header based library.


CELIX-415: Improves handling of ANSI control sequences to better support running in IDE's.
CELIX-414: Improves support for running Celix container inside IDE's by basicly handling Celix containers as add_executable CMake target.
CELIX-406: Improves handling of descriptor files, by allowing different directories for Remote Services and PubSub.
CELIX-399: Improves PubSub to use etcdlib instead of local copy of etcd.c file.
CELIX-396: Improves the ZMQ PubSub security so that enabling/disable of security can be done per topic.
CELIX-395: Improves Remote Service to use the etcdlib instead of a local etcd.c file.
CELIX-392: Removes the use of the deprecated readdir_r function. 


CELIX-416: Fixes an issue for the Android build.
CELIX-410: Fixes an issue where spaces and tabs are duplicated when loading properties.
CELIX-405: Fixes an issue with crashes because of invalid DFI descriptors.
CELIX-404: Fixes an issue with crashes using the inspect shell command.
CELIX-403: Fixes an memory leak in the service tracker.
CELIX-400: Fixes an issue with private libraries being loaded twice.
CELIX-398: Fixes an issue with PubSub and multiple UDP connections.
CELIX-393: Fixes an issue with the add_bundle CMake function and using existing libaries.
CELIX-391: Fixes an issue with the utils_stringHash not genering unique (enough) hashes.
CELIX-390: Fixes an issue with cycle dependency between the Celix framework and Celix utils libraries.
CELIX-387: Fixes an issue with the travis build and OSX
CELIX-386: Fixes an issue with the C++ dependency manager and register multiple C++ services.

Changes for 2.0.0

New Features

[CELIX-77] Configuration Admin Implementation
[CELIX-116] Event admin
[CELIX-119] Remove apr usage from framework
[CELIX-172] Bonjour Shell
[CELIX-237] RSA with libffi
[CELIX-269] New Dependency Manager
[CELIX-370] Add C++ support


[CELIX-63] make cmake directory useable for custom bundle projects
[CELIX-66] Refactor shell service struct
[CELIX-90] add additional build options for RSA components
[CELIX-111] Support multiple libraries
[CELIX-115] logservice bundle entries list grows indefinitely
[CELIX-118] Deployment Admin - Support auditlog of Apache ACE
[CELIX-123] enable code coverage for utils_test
[CELIX-125] CMakeCelix module
[CELIX-134] Update source from incubator structure to TLP
[CELIX-138] Parameterise launcher
[CELIX-144] Document Developing Celix with Eclipse
[CELIX-146] Replace printfs wit fw_log calls
[CELIX-149] Add log_writer_syslog
[CELIX-152] Added Discovery/ETCD support
[CELIX-153] add cmake configuration options for rsa_bundles
[CELIX-156] Enable all warnings
[CELIX-158] RSA is unable to re-use already started proxy factory
[CELIX-165] Add port collision auto-correction to RSA
[CELIX-169] Add port collision auto-correction to discovery
[CELIX-182] loghelper eases log_service tracking
[CELIX-187] discovery_etcd: add watchindex, handle expire action
[CELIX-193] support portable celix_thread_t initalization
[CELIX-199] Code Coverage should be optional rather than required by cmake
[CELIX-200] SEGFAULT occurs when remote services are closed
[CELIX-216] Replace strtok with strtok_r
[CELIX-230] Refactoring of the shell command service
[CELIX-242] Fix Warnings
[CELIX-245] Update civetweb to latest version
[CELIX-246] enable Travis CI for Apache Celix
[CELIX-247] Enable ANDROID support
[CELIX-249] Refactor most char * usage to const char *
[CELIX-251] missing includes in device access example
[CELIX-255] Update default BUILD option
[CELIX-258] framework uses  dlopen/dlsym to set the bundleActivator
[CELIX-259] dispatcherThread does not perform a graceful shutdown
[CELIX-275] Can't do mkstemp on root system (deploymentAdmin_download)
[CELIX-278] Adding tags to ACE target through deployment admin
[CELIX-284] Restrict export and imports based on properties
[CELIX-285] Discovery SHM: remove obsolete jansson dependency
[CELIX-295] Many compiling warnings in unit tests
[CELIX-296] Framework unit tests improvement
[CELIX-309] Make DFI available for common use
[CELIX-317] Dependency Manager suspend state
[CELIX-320] outdated utils tests (threads, hashmap)
[CELIX-323] Version and version_range moved from framework to utils
[CELIX-326] Add service version support to dependency manager
[CELIX-327] Filter does not support greater than and lesser than operators
[CELIX-328] Service version support for RSA DFI
[CELIX-330] document using markdown
[CELIX-333] integrate coverity scans
[CELIX-335] Refactor deploying bundles with cmake
[CELIX-339] celix_log_mock doesnt show logs to the user
[CELIX-341] Fix coverity issues in Shell / Shell TUI
[CELIX-348] The utils_stringHash does not generate unique hashes.
[CELIX-352] RSA_DFI and embedded celix
[CELIX-353] Make bundle context retrievable form dm component
[CELIX-365] Refactor some usage of void* to const void*


[CELIX-104] deployment_admin bundle won't start when missing properties
[CELIX-105] Fixed array_list_test
[CELIX-114] Potential deadlock in log_service bundle during stop
[CELIX-122] missing dependency uuid
[CELIX-124] Celix memory leaks fixing
[CELIX-127] Makefiles not generated using CMake 3.0
[CELIX-128] remote_shell port cannot be changed
[CELIX-129] Update RSA to be compatible with the Amdatu RSA implementation
[CELIX-130] Implement Configured Endpoint discovery compatible with Amdatu RSA
[CELIX-136] [contrib] Configured endpoint discovery
[CELIX-137] Possible concurrency issues in topology manager
[CELIX-139] Update tests and mocks to latest CppUTest
[CELIX-147] RSA_SHM: concurrency issue when client segfaults
[CELIX-150] Topology Manager segfaults when RSA/bundle w/ exp. service stops in wrong order
[CELIX-154] echo exampe not working
[CELIX-155] Fix CMake warnings during configuration
[CELIX-157] service_reference misses functions to get property keys and values
[CELIX-159] PThread usage not correct for Linux
[CELIX-161] newly added RSA cannot manage already exported/imported services
[CELIX-162] Update encoding/decoding of replies.
[CELIX-167] Update command to be able to pass a pointer (handle)
[CELIX-168] discovery_etcd:Make root-path configurable
[CELIX-170] Remote services can fail to restart when felix restarts
[CELIX-173] stopping rsa_http bundle does not stop rsa webserver
[CELIX-174]  invalid bundle_context during fw shutdown
[CELIX-175] segfault during shutdown when calculator is already stopped
[CELIX-177] not all endpoints are unistalled when rsa_http bundle is stopped
[CELIX-178] Shell_Tui bundle hangs on stop
[CELIX-179] memory leak in rsa_http callback
[CELIX-180] framework_tests do not compile
[CELIX-181] Incorrect reply status when no data is returned on a remote call.
[CELIX-185] Memory leaks in Discovery Endpoint Descriptor Reader
[CELIX-186] deployment_admin segfaults while downloading bundle
[CELIX-188] Add missing log_service headers to installations
[CELIX-189] LogService segfaults when log message pointer is overwritten
[CELIX-190] remote services memory leaks
[CELIX-192] rsa_http: add locking
[CELIX-194] Refactor RemoteService proxy factory
[CELIX-195] SEGFAULT occurs when running a log command.
[CELIX-197] insufficient memory allocated
[CELIX-198] Logging can segfault for strings 512 characters or longer
[CELIX-201] SEGFAULT occurs when restarting apache_celix_rs_topology_manager
[CELIX-202] Not all components are disabled with a clean build
[CELIX-205] RSA Discovery (Configured) bundle gets stuck
[CELIX-213] SEGFAULT occurs due to memory access after memory is free'd
[CELIX-215] curl_global_init() not called directly
[CELIX-218] Memory leaks in service_registry.c
[CELIX-219] Memory Leaks
[CELIX-221] Deployment admin segfaults when deploying a bundle
[CELIX-223] Celix crashes because of wrong bundle versions
[CELIX-224] Wrong use of errno in launcher.c
[CELIX-226] __unused atttibute does not work with  Linux
[CELIX-227] compile error under linux due to missing header include
[CELIX-229] Make APR optional
[CELIX-231] Missing log_helper creation in discovery_etcd
[CELIX-238] Contributing page links incorrect
[CELIX-239] TopologyManager does not maintain exportedServices
[CELIX-240] RSA: deadlock when stopping
[CELIX-241] remote_interface incorrect
[CELIX-248] too many arguments for format
[CELIX-250] config.h is not exported
[CELIX-252] discovery_etcd cannot handle celix restarts
[CELIX-253] Deployment admin does not always download the latest version from ACE
[CELIX-254] Memory leakage in deployment_admin
[CELIX-260] missing include in deployment admin
[CELIX-262] Fix minor issues in hashMap/linkedList
[CELIX-263] replace utils cunit tests w/ cpputest tests
[CELIX-264] Missing strdup leads to invalid free
[CELIX-270] Fix Code Coverage
[CELIX-271] setup
[CELIX-272] framework: improve locking / synchronization
[CELIX-274] waitForShutdown issue when starting two embedded celix frameworks.
[CELIX-279] Celix fails to compile w/ CMake 3.3
[CELIX-280] deployment_admin misses proper shutdown functionality
[CELIX-287] racecondition for framework event listener
[CELIX-288] Archive directory not properly read
[CELIX-289] Fix celix mocks
[CELIX-290] Mock fixes, CMakelist fix, build warning fix
[CELIX-292] Memory leak in refactored shell
[CELIX-294] changed dfi library from static to shared
[CELIX-298] Memory leaks in rsa_dfi
[CELIX-300] Invalid read in serviceRegistry during framework_shutdown
[CELIX-301] Memory leaks in rsa_shm
[CELIX-302] Service Tracker Test error breaks the build
[CELIX-304] Memory leaks in manifest parser, requirement, capability; out-of-date tests
[CELIX-305] Memory leaks in RSA_SHM, RSA_DFI, RSA_HTTP
[CELIX-306] Memory leaks in remote_proxy_factory, unit tests issues
[CELIX-307] "service registration set properties" deadlocks
[CELIX-308] Dependency Manager memory leaks
[CELIX-310] "serviceRegistry_getRegisteredServices" deadlocks
[CELIX-311] Framework Tests Build broken
[CELIX-312] ServiceReference usage counter inconsistent state
[CELIX-313] out of date/defunct tests
[CELIX-316] Wrong conversion for 'N' type in json_serializer
[CELIX-322] Memory leaks in resolver and framework tests
[CELIX-324] Version support in dfi library
[CELIX-325] Bundle test sporadicly fails
[CELIX-329] framework "service_" tests are outdates, some small bugs in the sources
[CELIX-331] test configuraiton needs update for newer CMake
[CELIX-332] filter tests absent, small bugs in the source
[CELIX-334] Race Condition in Topology Manager causes spurious segfaults
[CELIX-336] resolver_test doesn't compile
[CELIX-343] configuration_unbind never called
[CELIX-344] service tracker removes wrong service
[CELIX-345] Typo in Dependency Manager interface
[CELIX-346] celix-bootstrap problems
[CELIX-347] Memory leaks in dm_service_dependency
[CELIX-349] ServiceTracker update references list after invoking added callback
[CELIX-350] shell_tui wrong handling service reference
[CELIX-354] Coverity High Impact issues
[CELIX-356] Import libraries not supported in revamped cmake commands
[CELIX-357] Coverity Medium Impact issues
[CELIX-358] Coverity Low+New High Impact issues
[CELIX-359] Android build stopped working
[CELIX-360] Coverity leftover issues
[CELIX-361] etcd_watcher notifications loss when ETCD transaction rate is high
[CELIX-363] Memory leak in DFI exportRegistration_create
[CELIX-364] Incorrect destroy of dependency manager info struct
[CELIX-366] eclipse launch file not correctly generated
[CELIX-367] Memory leak in properties
[CELIX-369] Tests fail with sanitizer
[CELIX-371] Due to a fixed maximum length of lines in property file not all bundles are started
[CELIX-372] serviceRegistry_clearReferencesFor warning info unclear
[CELIX-373] Endpoint Server number is fixed and too low
[CELIX-375] Topology manager deadlocks when interacts with dependency manager
[CELIX-377] wrong rpath setup in CMake files
[CELIX-378] Travis build errors on Max OSX
[CELIX-379] Extend cmake fucntion add_deploy with an option to specify the launcher
[CELIX-376] serviceRegistration sometimes paired to invalidated serviceReference
[CELIX-380] PROPERTIES_FOR_EACH macro does not iterate over all keys
[CELIX-381] Invoke set for dependency manager called before suspending the component