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Discovery ETCD

The Celix Discovery ETCD bundles realizes OSGi services discovery based on etcd.

DISCOVERY_ETCD_ROOT_PATH            Used path to announce and find discovery entpoints (default: discovery)
DISCOVERY_ETCD_SERVER_IP            ip address of the etcd server (default:
DISCOVERY_ETCD_SERVER_PORT          port of the etcd server  (default: 2379)
DISCOVERY_ETCD_TTL                  time-to-live for etcd entries in seconds (default: 30)

DISCOVERY_CFG_SERVER_IP             The host to use/announce for this framewokr discovery endpoint. Default ""
DISCOVERY_CFG_SERVER_PORT           The port to use/announce for this framework endpoint endpoint. Default 9999
DISCOVERY_CFG_SERVER_PATH           The path to use for this framework discovery endpoint.Default "/org.apache.celix.discovery.etcd"
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