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The Celix Shell provides a service interface which can be used to interact with the Celix framework. Note that it does not offer a user interface. This modular approach enables having multiple frontends, e.g. textual or graphical.

While the shell can be extended with additional commands by other bundles, it already offers some built in commands:

lb            list bundles
install       install additional bundle
uninstall     uninstall bundles
update        update bundles

start         start bundle
stop          stop bundle

help          displays available commands
inspect       inspect service and components

log           print log

Further information about a command can be retrieved by using help combined with the command.

CMake options


Shell Config Options

  • SHELL_USE_ANSI_COLORS - Whether shell command are allowed to use ANSI colors when printing info. default is true.

Using info

If the Celix Shell is installed, ‘find_package(Celix)’ will set:

  • The Celix::shell_api interface (i.e. header only) library target
  • The Celix::shell bundle target