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Remote Service Admin

The Remote Service Admin (RSA) provides the mechanisms to import and export services when instructed to do so by the Topology Manager.

To delegate method calls to the actual service implementation, the RSA_SHM and the RSA_HTTP are using “endpoint/proxy” bundles, which has all the knowledge about the marshalling and unmarshalling of data for the service. The RSA_DFI implementation combines a foreign function interface technique together with manually created descriptors.

Note that this folder contains code commonly used by the RSA implementations and therefore does not include any CMAKE configuration.


ENDPOINTS				 defines the relative directory where endpoints and proxys can be found (default: endpoints)
CELIX_FRAMEWORK_EXTENDER_PATH  Used in RSA_DFI only. Can be used to define a path to use as an extender path point for the framework bundle. For normal bundles the bundle cache is used.