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Remote Service Admin DFI

The Celix Remote Service Admin DFI bundle realizes OSGi remote service using HTTP and JSON. The serialization is done using libdfi to json. Libffi is configured using descriptor files in the bundles.

RSA_PORT                    The RSA HTTP port to use (default 8888)
RSA_IP                      The RSA ip address to use for discovery (default
RSA_INTERFACE               If specified, the ip adress of interface (i.g. eth0) will be used.

RSA_LOG_CALLS              If set to true, the RSA will Log calls info (including serialized data) to the file in RSA_LOG_CALLS_FILE. Default is false.
RSA_LOG_CALLS_FILE         If RSA_LOG_CALLS is enabled to file to log to (starting rsa will truncate file). Default is stdout.   

RSA_DFI_USE_CURL_SHARE_HANDLE   If set to true the RSA will use curl's share handle. 
                                The curl share handle has a significant performance boost by sharing DNS, COOKIE en CONNECTIONS over multiple calls, 
                                but can also introduce some issues (based on experience).
                                Default is false
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