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Apache Celix - Subprojects

Apache Celix is organized into several subprojects. The following subproject are available:

  • Framework - The Apache Celix framework, an implementation of OSGi adapted to C and C++11.
  • Utils - The Celix utils library, containing a wide range of utils functions (string, file, C hashmap, C arraylist, etc)
  • Examples - A Selection of examples showing how the framework can be used.
  • Log Service - A Log Service logging abstraction for Apache Celix.
    • Syslog Writer - A syslog writer for use in combination with the Log Service.
  • Shell - A OSGi C and C++11 shell implementation.
  • Pubsub - An implementation for a publish-subscribe remote message communication system.
  • HTTP Admin - An implementation for the OSGi HTTP whiteboard adapted to C and based on civetweb.
  • Remote Services - A C++17 adaption and implementation of the OSGi Remote Service Admin specification.

Standalone libraries:

  • Etcd library - A C library that interfaces with ETCD.
  • Promises library - A C++17 header only adaption and implementation of the OSGi Promise specification.
  • Push Streams Library - A C++17 header adaption and only implementation of the OSGi Push Stream specification.