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Conan Test Package

To learn API usage, we refer our users to celix-examples and various tests. The C/C++ source codes in this folder are NOT worth reading.

This example is actually a classical Conan test_package, which is quite different from traditional tests. Its main purpose is to verify that a Celix package is properly installed in the local Conan cache. To this end, it needs to make sure that:

  • Celix CMake commands are usable.
  • Public headers can be included.
  • Libraries are linkable.
  • Bundles are accessible to commands such as add_celix_container.

To create a Celix package in the local cache with C++ support and verify that it’s properly installed, run the following command in the Celix root directory:

conan create . celix/2.2.3@zhengpeng/testing -tf examples/conan_test_package/ -o celix:celix_cxx=True

To verify a Celix package with C++ support is properly installed in the local cache, run the following command in the Celix root directory:

conan test examples/conan_test_package/ celix/2.2.3@zhengpeng/testing  -o celix:celix_cxx=True

Though it might not be wise to spend time reading C/C++ codes in this folder, it’s instructive to have a look at and CMakeLists.txt, which illustrates a non-intrusive way of using Conan with CMake build system. Pay attention to our use of cmake_paths cmake_find_package generators and the following line:

    cmake.definitions["CMAKE_PROJECT_test_package_INCLUDE"] = os.path.join(self.build_folder, "conan_paths.cmake")