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Apache Celix Component Ready


The Apache Celix Component Ready provides an api and bundle which can be used to check if all components are ready.

API library

The Apache Celix Component Ready Check provides a single api library Celix::component_ready_api which contains the condition id constant used to register the “components.ready” condition service.


The Apache Celix Component Ready Check provides the Celix::components_ready_check bundle which registers the “components.ready” condition service.

The “components.ready” condition service will be registered when the “framework.ready” service is registered, all components have become active and the event queue is empty.

If the “components.ready” condition service is registered and some components become inactive or the event queue is not empty, the “components.ready” condition is not removed. The “components.ready” condition is meant to indicate that the components in the initial framework startup phase are ready.

CMake options


Using info

If the Apache Celix Component Ready is installed, find_package(Celix) will set:

  • The Celix::component_ready_api interface (i.e. header only) library target
  • The Celix::components_ready_check bundle target