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Apache Celix Shell


The Celix Shell provides a service interface which can be used to interact with the Celix framework. It uses a modular approach to enable multiple frontends, e.g. textual or graphical.

While the shell can be extended with additional commands by other bundles, it already offers some built in commands, for example:

  • lb: list bundles
  • install: install additional bundle
  • uninstall: uninstall bundles
  • start: start bundle
  • stop: stop bundle
  • help: displays available commands

Further information about a command can be retrieved by using help combined with the command.

Service interfaces

The Celix Shell functionality is achieved by 3 service interfaces. These interfaces are available through the Celix::shel_api CMake INTERFACE library target.

  • celix_shell_t: The shell service can be used to get an overview of the available shell commands and to execute shell commands.
  • celix_shell_command_t: A C service interface to provide an additional shell command to the shell.
  • celix::IShellCommand: A C++ service interface to provide an additional shell command to the shell.


The complete Celix shell functionality is provided by serveral bundles:

  • Celix::shell : The core shell which offer a celix_shell_t service and uses celix_shell_command_t services.
  • Celix::CxxShell : The core C++ shell which offers a celix_shell_t service and uses both celix_shell_command_t and celix::IShellCommand services. Offers the same functionality as Celix::shell, but also supports C++ celix::IShellCommand services.
  • Celix::shell_tui : Textual (terminal) user interface to the shell service.
  • Celix::shell_wui : Web user interface to the shell service.
  • Celix::remote_shell : Remote telnet interface to shell service
  • Celix::bonjour_shell: Chat interface to the shell service using bonjour. Warning not mature and still unstable. When used it should be possible to chat to a Celix shell using Linux’s pidgin application or OSX’s Messages application.

Logical Design Celix Shell

|Celix Shell Logical Design

Logical Design Celix Shell for C++

Celix C++ Shell Logical Design

CMake options


Shell Config Options

  • SHELL_USE_ANSI_COLORS - Configures whether shell commands are allowed to use ANSI colors when printing info for Celix::shell. Default is true.
  • SHELL_TUI_USE_ANSI_CONTROL_SEQUENCES - Configures whether to use ANSI control sequences to support backspace, left, up, etc key commands in the Celix::shell_tui. Default is true if a TERM environment is set else false.
  • “”: Configures port used in Celix::remote_shell. Default is 6666.
  • “”: Configures max nr of concurrent connections in Celix::remote_shell. Default is 2.

Using info

If the Celix Shell is installed, find_package(Celix) will set:

  • The Celix::shell_api interface (i.e. header only) library target
  • The Celix::shell bundle target

If the Celix Shell TUI is installed, find_package(Celix) will set:

  • The Celix::shell_tui bundle target if the shell_tui is installed

If the Celix Shell WUI is installed, find_package(Celix) will set:

  • The Celix::shell_wui bundle target if the shell_wui is installed