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Experimental Rust Bundle

This experimental bundles shows that it is possible to write a bundle in Rust, it directly uses the Apache Celix C api and is not intended to be used in production.

Ideally Rust support is done by adding a Rust API for Apache Celix and use that API for Rust bundles, the current implementation only shows that is possible to write a bundle in Rust that gets called by Apache Celix framework.


To build rust source the Corrosion cmake module is used. This module will be automatically downloaded when building using FetchContent_Declare.

To actual build the rust source files both the rust compiler and cargo are required. For ubuntu this can be installed using apt:

sudo apt install rustc cargo

It is possible to define C bindings in rust manually, but this is a lot of work and error prone. Rust has a tool called bindgen which can generate C bindings from a C header file. This is used to generate the C bindings for Apache Celix. bindgen is used in the of the rust package celix_bindings.

It is also possible to run bindgen manually, for example:

cargo install bindgen # install bindgen, only needed once
PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.cargo/bin # add cargo bin to path

cd misc/experimental/rust/celix_bindings
bindgen -o src/ celix_bindings.h -- -I<celix_framework_include_dir> -I<celix_utils_include_dir>